Tests & Measurements

This is a single station assembly press for the front portion of a tractor transmission. The system aides manual operation for one operator. The station uses manual material handling but assembly operations are electronically controlled to assure each step is completed before the operator can move on to the next. It assembles various tapered roller bearings, shafts, gears sets, oil tubes, and bearing carriers to the main casting assembly. Bearing preload is measured through shaft rolling torques which are critical for product quality.

  • Handles several model variations
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic press
  • No floor pits for an easy to move floor plan
  • PC-based data acquisition and control platform
  • Computerized data collection and analysis
  • Manual conveyor with part sensing
  • Plant LAN and database communications
  • Automated calibration routines
  • Multilingual computer display
  • Part scanning
  • Electronic tool holder monitoring ensures correct tooling is used

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  • Analysis of performance signatures (press force vs. distance, etc.)
  • Shim thickness measurement
  • Measurement of bearing end-play or preload
  • Rolling torque of roller bearing/shaft assembly
  • Fastener torque measurements