Tests & Measurements

Test stations designed and built to simulate a fully functional commercial truck. Using two VFD Controlled Electrical Motors these stations simulate the input shaft from the engine and the output shaft from the drivetrain to make these transmission feel like they are at home in the truck they are meant for. These automatic transmissions are commanded over the CAN bus from the simulated Driver Interface Device (DID) to enter into FNR gear. The transmission determines the next shifting point based on the combination of input shaft speed, output shaft speed, requested acceleration, and torque. These are CAN-based systems with the transmission controller and the engine simulation control working in harmony to apply the right amount of torque, engage/disengage the clutch, command the shift, and to smoothly transition from one gear to the next.

Built into this system is a full computer-based NVH system incorporating accelerometers, microphones, laser vibrometers, torque and speed sensors. Live data is captured for the full test of the transmission, recording live data at up to 10khz per channel. Not only is all of the sensor data streamed to disk but so is the CAN data recorded on up to 4 CAN busses. This recorded CAN data and DTCS are stored amongst and aligned with the sensor data to allow for quick charting and inspection. This test data is serialized for every test of every transmission.

  • Computer based control and data acquisition system
  • 3 Test Computers, 1 For test and control, 1 for NVH, and 1 for engine simulation
  • 100 HP VFD controlled input drive motor for engine simulation
  • 250 HP VFD controlled output drive motor
  • Contains integrated production transmission clutch to allow for easy change out and replacement
  • Charged Pneumatic system for clutch control
  • Automatic mating and connections by means of clamping and positioning servo slides
  • Regenerative Electric motors
  • 4 vehicle and engineering CAN busses
  • CAN J1939 compliant
  • Continuous DTC monitoring and CAN Logging
  • DID (Driver Interface Device) Simulation for (FNR) commanding of the transmission.
  • Factory AMS integrated for test automation
  • Full NVH system including accelerometers, microphones, contactless laser vibrometer, torque, and speed sensors.
  • Full gas engine simulation using regenerative VFD controlled electrical motor and CAN Bus System
  • Automatic FTP of results and test data to offsite server and engineering location
  • Real Time Remote monitoring for system and product troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Battery and Ignition Power Up and Electrical Connections
  • Configuration of the Transmission Control Module (TCM) over the CAN bus to properly identify it and record data for traceability. The ID of the test results is recorded to the TCM to allow for linking of test results to the transmission once it is in the field.
  • DID (Driver Interface Device) communications and commands
  • Fully Automated Transmission Calibration
  • Calibration of Grade Sensors, Rails, Clutch, brake.
  • Launch from Neutral to Reverse and Neutral to Forward
  • Shifting through all gears forward and reverse or and smaller list of gears depending on needs
  • Validation of engine braking
  • Sound and Vibration monitoring and recording
  • Input shaft and output shaft speed and torque monitoring and recording