Tests & Measurements

Tractor axles require functional testing to assure they were assembled properly before they are married to the main tractor chassis. Axles can be spin tested to break in the gear sets and bearings. Designed and built to improve performance, profitability, and quality, our custom-built powertrain verification & validation and automated assembly systems are second to none. On the leading edge of automation and validation testing, our systems are equipped with an array of sensors (powered by sophisticated data acquisition software) that can check proper assembly, mechanical efficiency, parasitic drag, etc. Almost completely automated, our test systems accept a wide range of products/models and require minimal operator interaction.

  • Sink to prevent oil spillage
  • Easy load/unload fixture
  • Safety Light Screens
  • Auto fill and drain oil system
  • System pressurization monitoring

*We understand that customers have unique requirements and we can design and build test stands to accommodate a broad range of applications. Contact us today.

  • Axle live Spin Test
  • Manual Noise Detection
  • Visual Leak Inspection
  • Autofill oil system
  • System pressurization monitoring
  • Park brake testing
  • Diff lock testing