Tests & Measurements

Designed and built to improve performance, profitability, and quality, our custom-built rear axle differential verification & validation and automated assembly systems are second to none. On the leading edge of automation and validation testing, our systems are equipped with an array of sensors (powered by sophisticated data acquisition software) that can check proper assembly, mechanical efficiency, parasitic drag, etc. Almost completely automated, our test systems accept a wide range of products/models and require minimal operator interaction.

  • Variable torque ramp-up
  • Telescoping drive-shaft provides automated connection/disconnection
  • Torque and RPM measurements
  • Flexible fixturing to accommodate multiple models
  • Computerized data collection and analysis
  • Plant LAN and database communications
  • Computer-assisted calibration routines
  • Multilingual computer display

*We understand that customers have unique requirements and we can design and build test stands to accommodate a broad range of applications. Contact us today.

  • Proper assembly
  • Leakage
  • Spin test
  • Noise
  • Break-away torque (CW and CCW)
  • Running torque (CW and CCW)
  • Peak torque (CW and CCW)
  • Performance signatures (torque vs. time, etc.)
  • Maximum speed
  • Contamination