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Tests & Measurements

Titan has created several systems for assembling and testing large tractor rear axle assemblies. The system allows an operator to insert tapered roller bearings and shaft into a cast housing assembly. A pressing tool cart features the different gauge heads and assembly tools. The Test Stand directs the operator where to put the axle shaft, where the bearings go on the shaft. The shaft goes into the housing using an overhead crane. The system performs a comprehensive test of the axle, checking for rolling torque and preload on the bearings. The system also helps the operator select the right shims when compensation is required. The system walks the operator through the assembly process to ensure that the axle is correctly assembled before it is connected to the tractor. The system features a hydraulic press to press the bearings onto the shaft.

  • Electronic work instructions
  • Gaging systems prevent operator measurement errors
  • Electronically monitored tool rack verifies correct pressing tool
  • Two position turntable for load/unload and test positions

*We understand that customers have unique requirements and we can design and build test stands to accommodate a broad range of applications. Contact us today.

  • System measures shaft endplay and calculates proper shim thickness.
  • Rolling torque is measured to assure correct bearing preload.