Tests & Measurements

This test station is capable of functional testing various shapes and sizes of horizontal directional drilling machines used for trenchless installation of piping, cables, or conduit. This fully loaded test applies force against the push and pull of the boring drill along with resistance to the rotational movement of the drill itself. Other functions such as CAN, mudding system, underground current detection are also verified with this test.

  • Computer based control and data acquisition system
  • Large steel weldment anchored to factory floor built to withstand the push and pull forces of the boring machine.
  • Movable cradle with hydraulic motors to use to resist the push and pull force of the vehicle under test.
  • 100,000 lb Load Cell to measure both tension and compression
  • Safety Scanners
  • Particle Counter
  • Low and High Idle RPM Checks
  • Warm up cycle
  • Rotational Charge Pressure
  • Thrust Charge Pressure
  • Auxiliary Charge Pressure
  • Rod Rotational Speed
  • Thrust Force
  • Pullback Force
  • Clockwise/Counter Clockwise Rotational Force
  • Vehicle Wheel Speed
  • Mud Pump Charge Pressure
  • Mud Pump Flow
  • Mud Pump Relief
  • Underground current sensor detection for cable breaks and cable detection
  • Oil Sampling and Particle Counting
  • CAN DTC Monitoring and CAN system checks