Tests & Measurements

Hay Mower sub assembly test systems are designed and built for testing the PTO or hydraulic driven hay cutters prior to being mounted to the tractor. They simulate all tractor functionality to properly run the cutting system as if it is on a real tractor in the field. PTO is driven by a hydraulic motor and other mower functions are controlled with auxiliary hydraulic connections.

  • Computer based control and data acquisition system
  • Full HPU to generate hydraulic power to the unit under test
  • 94 GPM 5000 PSI HPU
  • 65 GPM, 3000 PSI, 1000 RPM, 400 ft-lb Hydraulic Motor used as PTO to drive Mower
  • CAN bus validation and DTC monitoring
  • System flush and Fill
  • Leakage testing
  • Electrical harness tests
  • Sound level testing and validation
  • PTO connections
  • Gearbox temperature
  • Blade stall
  • Speed sensor calibration and tuning
  • Slip indicator setting
  • Vibration
  • Turn signal and lighting checks
  • Idler pulley alignment