Tests & Measurements

We have stations capable of fully functionally testing large round, large square, and small square balers. The main baler power comes from an electrical VFD driven PTO spline. The PTO shaft is swung in place in front of the balers on the assembly line on a swing arm that rotates down into place and back out of the way of the assembly traffic. Once connected, the area is kept clear with safety zone scanners. This system also incorporates a full HPU to run auxiliary functions such as bale liftgate lift, tying mechanism, bale alignment, tensioning system, etc.

  • Computer based control and data acquisition system
  • Full HPU to generate hydraulic power to the unit under test
  • 12 GPM 3000 PSI HPU
  • Safety Zone Scanners
  • 60hp VFD controlled electric motor
  • Vertical swing arm to raise and lower PTO shaft and spline
  • 90 degree gearbox to transfer power from the electric motor to the PTO shaft
  • CAN bus validation and DTC monitoring
  • Lifting gate cylinder, valve and hydraulic system tests
  • Gate cycle timing
  • Pickup cycle timing
  • Bale size calibration
  • Bale shape setup and calibration
  • Belt tracking
  • Knife clearance and functionality testing
  • Brake light testing
  • Tie and wrap setup and alignment
  • Noise and system torque testing