Tests & Measurements

This test system runs functional tests on fully assembled combine draper header systems. This system was designed to automate functional testing, break-in, and assembly validation of header systems prior to installation into the completed combine.

  • PLC and computer based control and data acquisition system
  • Full HPU to generate hydraulic power to the unit under test
  • 47 GPM 4000 PSI HPU
  • Safety zone scanners
  • Vertical swing arm to raise and lower PTO shaft and spline
  • Hydraulic motor on end of swing arm to drive the header
  • Particle counting system
  • CAN bus validation and DTC monitoring
  • Header ID verification
  • Reel lift/lower
  • Reel motor via pressure control valve for variable speeds.
  • Lights.
  • Reel FORE/AFT
  • Tilt extend/retract
  • Knife motor speed
  • Platform raise/lower
  • Belt speed sensor via controlling the actual belt speed
  • Belt stall & associated error code reporting.
  • Sensor calibrations
  • System slushing
  • System phasing