Tests & Measurements

This test station simulates the full auxiliary hydraulics system of an agricultural tractor. The seeder can be fully functionally tested including all hydraulic motions. Due to the size of the customer implements it makes navigating them difficult down to and around test and assembly equipment. This station has an long extension arm to make hydraulic connections easily accessible to the planter.

  • Computer based control and data acquisition system
  • Full HPU to generate hydraulic power to the seeder
  • 57 GPM 3000 PSI HPU
  • Swing arm to transfer hydraulic quick disconnects out to 35’ booms
  • CAN bus validation. DTC monitoring.
  • Planter / seeder flush and fill
  • Leakage testing
  • Planter fold/unfold
  • Electrical connections
  • Wing sweep fold/unfold
  • Vacuum blower
  • Individual seeder head control and testing
  • Boom/arm height sensor calibration and validation
  • Air tank compressor checks
  • Downforce sensor calibrations
  • Seed loss sensor checks
  • GPS sensors
  • Lights