Tests & Measurements

Systems are designed to accommodate the high pressures and a wide variety of control options typical on variable displacement products. Each system is tailored to meet the customer’s unique families of pumps and/or motors. Special provisions allow for safe and efficient control adjustments if required.

  • Up to 450 kw (600 HP)
  • Pressure to 450 Bar (7000 PSI)
  • Flows to 600 LPM (150 GPM)
  • Torque sensor with limiter optional
  • Single or tandem sections
  • Automatic control of product
  • Open and/or close loop
  • Single or tandem sections
  • Mobile or industrial products

*We understand that customers have unique requirements and we can design and build test stands to accommodate a broad range of applications. Contact us today.

  • Proper assembly
  • Volumetric and/or mechanical efficiency
  • Pressure and flow performance
  • Control functionality and facilitate adjustments
  • Internal charge and auxiliary pump test circuits
  • Case drain flow and cleanliness