Tests & Measurements

System hardware and software are designed to address the unique requirements of gear product cut-in. High capacity filtration is required to manage the debris released during cut-in. In addition, the primary mover must be upsized to provide sufficient torque during cut-in. Our software is designed to facilitate a customer’s prescribed pressure and speed cut-in profile. Automated particle counting can be integrated to actively extend flushing to meet customer’s cleanliness requirements.

  • Flows to 3000LMP (800GPM)
  • Automated pump clamping
  • Automated porting
  • Active particle counting
  • Automated oil heating & cooling
  • Bar code scanning
  • Bidirectional flow
  • Oil tight base & containment

*We understand that customers have unique requirements and we can design and build test stands to accommodate a broad range of applications. Contact us today.

  • Input torque & speed or horse power
  • Output Pressure & flow or horse power
  • Mechanical efficiency
  • Relief valve setting
  • Oil contamination