Powertrain Test

Titan is focused on test machines which test drive train assemblies such as transmissions, gearboxes, rear axle differentials, and complete rear axles.


Titan’s transmission verification & validation systems are specially designed for off-highway transmissions and transaxles, manual-shift truck transmissions, front-wheel drive transmissions, motorcycle transmissions, gearboxes, and wet and dry clutch types. 
Our transmission systems run the following tests and checks:
Automated break-in procedure • Proper assembly • Max speed • Leakage • Lubrication • Parasitic drag • Input power/torque • Output power/torque • Speed ratios • Performance signatures

Titan’s axle verification & validation are specially designed for rear axle differentials, tractor axles, and pinion shafts.

Our axles systems run the following tests and checks:

Proper assembly Breakaway torque • Running torque • Parking brake • Maximum speed • Performance signatures • Leakage • Bearing preload