Mobile Equipment Test

Titan is focused on testing and verifying complete functionality for mobile equipment for OEM manufacturers. We have extensive experience in testing agricultural, construction, mining, and heavy-duty truck equipment.

Implements, End-of-Line
Implements, End-of-Line
Vehicles End-of-Line
Electrical Control Subsystems

Agricultural implements, such as combine headers, balers, hay mower, seeders, and other mobile equipment attachments are becoming more sophisticated and require functional testing. It is is not feasible to have a full combine, windrower, or tractor running in a factory just for the sole purpose of testing machine implements and attachments. Concerns over safety, ergonomics, environmental impact, and factory air quality have lead us to help customers develop ways of testing these subassemblies without the need for a full machine running in the plant. By using hydraulic power or electric VFD driven motors we can simulate all aspects of a tractor or vehicle. 

Assembly line flow and logistics are also critical when developing these systems. In many cases, floor space is a limited and a custom solution is needed to work around obstacles and moving assembly lines.

Todays construction, agricultural, and mining mobile machines, have become very sophisticated with significant advance control technology. With this level of technology automated functional testing is required. Titan’s vehicle end-of-line verification & validation systems are specially designed for assembly lines, in-process validation, repair bays, and test racks or proving grounds. Our vehicle end-of-line systems run the following tests and checks:

Proper load current of the entire product • Wheel/Track speeds and rotation • Hydraulic relief and pump/pilot pressures • Cycle time of hydraulic cylinders • Cab pressurization • A/C temperature and humidity • Solenoid function • Lighting and Switch function • ECM flashing and software version confirmation

Often it is desirable to test vehicle subsystems before they are married to the main chassis of the vehicle. Titan’s electrical control subsystems assembly verification & validation systems are specially designed for complex subassemblies, which need in-process validation. Subassemblies like vehicle cabs, cab roof consoles, armrest control consoles, ECU modules, and HVAC units are sophisticated with their own control modules. It is critical that they are fully test before they are married to the main machine
Our vehicles end-of-line systems run the following tests and checks:
Conductivity testing • ECU module Flashing • Software functional testing • Storing and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes • Software version verification • Communication testing • Emissions testing