Vehicle End-of-Line (EOL) Testing, Portable


Titan’s DAQ-in-a-Box TM is a Portable Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Test System designed for a broad range of vehicle test applications in which a traditional stationary test system is not appropriate, including:


  • End-of-Line
  • Moving Assembly Lines
  • In-Process Validation
  • Repair Bays
  • Test Racks or Proving Grounds

Tests and Checks Performed

  • Obtain Order Numbers, Serial Numbers, Model Numbers, etc. by means of a wireless barcode scanner to eliminate manual data entry errors
  • CAN Interface and Diagnostics via a USB CAN Adaptor attached to the Laptop or Desktop PC
  • Verify the proper load current of the entire product (Lights, Fans, Solenoids, etc.
  • Wheel Speeds and Rotation by the use of Accelerometers
  • Hydraulic Relief and Pump/Pilot Pressures
  • Cycle Times of Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Cab Pressurization, A/C Temperature and Humidity Tests
  • Check/Verify Solenoids are properly connected and perform a functional test
  • Verify Switches and sensors are either in normally open or normally closed position

Excavator Test using Portable DAQ

System Features

  • Wireless Communication by means of its built-in Wi-Fi to a laptop PC
  • Titan’s user-friendly Visual Basic .NET software installed to guide the Operator during the test process
  • Communication with almost any plant database for automatic downloading of configuration of options, plus uploading of test results
  • Wireless remote control
  • Operate directly from a vehicle’s 12 VDC/24 VDC battery power or any standard 120 VAC outlet with an external power supply
  • Easily accommodates future growth with installation of additional National Instruments (NI) Compact FieldPointTM plug-in Input/Output modules
  • Wireless bar code scanner
  • Calibration of vehicle controllers

 Image of Portable Vehicle Test Station

Control and Software Features

  • Panasonic “Toughbook” Laptop
  • Durable Crushproof PelicanTM Case enclosure (approximate weight 35#)
  • National Instruments Compact FieldPointTM Data Acquisition System with capacity for future growth
  • Custom Test Harness with Clamp-on Current Probe and other Sensors (e.g.: Pressures Transducers, Temperature, Humidity, Wheel Speed/Rotation, etc.)
  • Wireless 802.11-N Communication
  • Multi-lingual Operator Test Instructions
  • Plant LAN and database communications
  • Computer-assisted calibration routines
  • User configurable diagnostic test screens
  • Download configuration of models and options and results
  • Collect and archive all test results locally or uploaded them to your network database for statistical analysis