Controller Programming System


Titan designs and manufactures Controller Programming Systems to program vehicle controllers for the latest Tier 4 EPA Emissions requirements.  The Titan Controller Programming System has the capability of programming the following Controllers for a broad range of applications including:


  • Engines (ECU)
  • Emissions Treatment Controllers (Urea Dosing)
  • Transmissions (UCM or TCU)
  • Instrument Controllers (ICU)
  • Armrest Consoles (ARU)
  • Joysticks
  • Universal Control Modules
  • Vehicle Control Modules

Programming, Tests and Checks Performed

  • Controller functionality
  • Correct Controller software revision
  • Anti-Tamper protection
  • Model and Option codes

System Features

  • Flash programming and configuration of  Controllers
  • Verification of CAN Bus successful programming and passed functionality testing with a visual indicator to the Operator of a pass or fail
  • “Re-flash” Controller with the correct software version (if necessary)
  • Communicates with almost any plant database for automatic configuration of options and uploading of results
  • Produce tamper-proof EPA Engine label
  • Retrieval of machine configuration (options) from corporate database
  • Reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes

Control and Software Features

  • Standard Laptop or Desktop PC
  • Microsoft Visual Basic Software Engine
  • User programmability via Excel Spreadsheet
  • Pictorial Operator set-up assistance
  • “Universal” Controller Programming Box for “Plug-in-Play” convenience
  • Plant LAN and database communications
  • Multi-lingual Operator Prompts
  • Configuration of options and uploaded results
  • Developed to allow communication with different CAN Adaptors (Dearborn, etc.)