Benefits of Our Quality Control Testing Systems

Titan's Manufacturing Quality Control Test Systems are designed to help our Customers optimize performance, quality, reliability and cost of the products that they develop and produce each and every day.

 The following is an overview of features and benefits of our manufacturing quality test systems:

  • Consistently and rapidly performing a broad range of tests that may be impractical or impossible to perform manually
  • Detecting and pinpointing the source of product defects for quicker resolution
    • At the subassembly level where defects are easily accessible and inexpensive to fix
    • At the end of line before the product is shipped to your customer
  • Improving operating efficiency and TAKT time through:
    • Incorporation of operator friendly, easy to use software
    • Fast and precise diagnosis of component defects
    • Pinpointing repeated errors in the assembly process
    • Elimination/reduction of costly end of line rework
  • Reducing in-field failures and warranty claims
  • Capturing and archiving test information for the purposes of:
    • Identifying trouble spots
    • Monitoring quality trends
    • Providing for operator traceability and accountability
    • Creating a permanent record confirming “built to specification”
    • Providing certification to defend against questionable warranty claims
    • Providing your engineering department with test data to assist with product design
  • Allowing production, quality and engineering supervision to monitor testing and test results in real time.
  • Building in flexibility to accommodate and rapidly adapt to both multiple models and multiple options on the same test stand.
  • Extending the useful life of the test stand through easy and cost effective upgrades that accommodate new products and new functional tests.