Hydraulic Strut Assembly and Test Stands


Titan designs and manufactures strut testing equipment for the following applications.

Strut Testing Applications

  • Front Mining Truck Struts
  • Rear Mining Truck Struts
  • Construction Equipment Struts

Titan Off-Highway Rear Strut Assembly and Test System

Testing and Checks Performed on Struts

  • Proper assembly
  • Length of stroke
  • Piston seal leaks (“drift”)
  • External leaks
  • Cushion operation
  • Internal position transducer
  • Velocity “fuses”
  • Relief valve operation

Strut Test Stand Systems Features

  • Pressures to 6000 PSI/415 Bar
  • Flows to 125 GPM/475 LPM
  • Capable of conducting leakage testing with or without loading
  • Laser position measurement
  • Bar code input
  • Proportional pressure control
  • Partitioned reservoir with dedicated fluid conditioning
  • Oil cleanliness monitoring
  • Flexible fixturing to accommodate a variety of
  • diameters and strokes
  • Automatic oil evacuation
  • Incorporate assembly operations with test function

Control and Software Features

  • PC-based data acquisition and control platform
  • Computerized data collection and analysis
  • User programmability at multiple levels
  • Test stand and product diagnostics
  • Pictorial set-up assistance
  • Plant LAN and database communications
  • Computer-assisted calibration routines
  • User configurable diagnostic test screens
  • Multi-lingual computer display
  • Configuration of options and uploaded test results
  • Performance graphing
  • Graphical maintenance mode