Our Greatest Strength

Titan’s added value is delivered through a team of dedicated people who have the credentials, experience and pride that is needed to consistently deliver the test and assembly solutions that we promise.   

Projects are overseen by seasoned Project Managers with engineering degrees.  Their mission is to deliver on time, to specification and to the full satisfaction of our Customers. 

They are supported by a team of engineers in all disciplines including Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical and Software. 

Our solutions are manufactured by skilled craftsmen experienced in the art of building complex custom-engineered test stands and assembly systems. 

Our after-sales support is second to none, and often provided by the members of the same project team who designed, built and programmed your system.


Quality Assurance Testing Software

 A key to Titan’s leadership in the area of test resides in its controls expertise that entails:

  • An understanding of the functionality of  the components or full vehicles that we test
  • An understanding of manufacturing processes
  • A blend of skills that include electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and software engineering
  • Powerful software that is capable of controlling the test stand and product under test, capturing and managing significant amounts of test and other data, and sharing that data both locally and through a network


Our Processes

 Our dedicated team is complemented by a set of rigorous processes that allow us to plan and manage to the commitments that we make to our Customers.

Every Titan test stand and assembly solution is created in collaboration with our Customers and tailored to fulfill their unique needs.  

Every proposal we submit has been carefully developed to ensure confidence in our concepts, delivery schedule and cost.   

And if we succeed in winning your business, every project will be managed with consistent communications and strict adherence to meeting our target milestones while driving to a solution that will be delivered to your full satisfaction. 


Our After-Sales Support


After-Sales Support is provided by engineers and skilled technicians.  Whether on-site or on-line, your support will likely come from members of the same engineering team that was responsible for the design and build of your test stand or assembly solution.